Since the original Star Trek series aired in 1966, the popular science fiction program has evolved into a branding powerhouse, including films, merchandising, and themed games of chance. Star Trek licenses gaming developers who create online slots and other games that feature the series’ most famous characters, along with scenarios that reflect the excitement of the franchise.

IGT offers two Star Trek-themed slots to gamblers, including Star Trek and Against All Odds. The Star Trek slots pay of up to 95 percent while distributing payouts in relation to the corresponding symbols. For instance, hitting five James Kirk symbols pays $1,000. Similarly, five symbols for Mr. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura pays $750 and $400, respectively. In addition, the game has five reels and 30 pay lines.

You can earn more money by unlocking the bonus round. Specific combinations will trigger bonuses, such as 10 spins and a multiplier times 5 for the Scotty bonus or win up to 250 free spins by re-triggering the Kirk bonus. You can also win more credits, using the wilds from Spock and Uhura bonuses.

Against all Odds also pays out up to 95 percent. Chances are players will cash out with the game offering more than 700 winning combinations. Five Federation logo matches pays $1,000. Whereas, five matches for Dr. McCoy pays $125. Unique features and bonus rounds extend the game to offer gamblers thrilling chances to win more. The energizer beam appears randomly to change 2-5 symbols into wilds.

There is a main bonus that activates once the player receives five Spock symbols. Gamblers can earn the rank of captain, lieutenant, or commander by protecting the Enterprise from the Romulans. The player’s success in this gamer’s galaxy will determine the multiplier bonus up to 22,500 times for reaching the rank of captain. Earn points by firing upon the enemy. When the machine calculates the final score, players may receive extra credit and spins.

IGT Star Trek slots offer hours of enjoyment designed around the franchise’s dynamic sci-fi plots. With hundreds of ways to win, high payouts, and bonuses, these games ensure that the players trigger loads of fun with iconic characters. If you’re lucky, you might just fly away with some extra cash.