After the original television series was cancelled in the 1960’s it would be some time before the franchise would return with a number of successful movies. When it comes to creating a casino game this film series can be utilised as a recognisable brand.

One of the most obvious approaches is to create an online game. There are already examples of successful online casino sites that are enjoyed by many gamblers. Sites like Voodoo offer a bonus to new members. This incentive could be used for a Stark Trek themed one.

The first thing a game designer will need to decide is which of these movies to go with. If they want a younger clientele then it is tempting to go with one of the more recent ones. J.J. Abrams created a reboot in 2009 simply called Star Trek. It featured updated visuals for the iconic Starship Enterprise and a more modern aesthetic overall. This is the perfect film to use for branding of a casino game.

However, this client base may not be as extensive as the large number of people who have followed the franchise for decades. Therefore, it may be wiser to go for an older customer who has strong emotional ties to the brand. In this case it would be better to choose one of the older films.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is considered one of the best films by long-time fans. It takes the crew to San Francisco. This gives the designer a number of opportunities when creating the game. For instance, they could use landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. This is an image that most gamblers will recognise and therefore it would make them more likely to play the game.

There is a growing number of young people who are recognising the superiority of the older films. In particular there is a new cult following around the sequel Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. If this film is chosen for the basis of an online casino game then it would appeal to both young and old players.