When the television series Star Trek was first seen on screen in the 1960’s few people could have realised just how big it would become in later decades. Since the original series ended it has spawned a number of successful spin offs. Each of these has its own dedicated fan base. These spin offs can also be used to create some inventive casino games.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is set on board a space station and as such the characters often play a number of gambling games. This makes the series a perfect setting for the basis of a casino game. The player could encounter the various alien characters and perhaps even compete with them. In a poker type game, the players could choose an avatar based on these aliens to play as.

Star Trek: Voyager is a more straightforward series and the stories tend to be character driven. As such Voyager has a recognisable cast. Slots would be the best game to base on this show. The slots themselves could be made up of these well-known characters, for instance Janeway and Seven of Nine.

The most well-known spin off is probably Star Trek: The Next Generation. There have already been a number of casino games based on this show. It follows Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) who commands a new version of the iconic Enterprise ship. The new crew of Next Generation are as well known as the cast of the original series. A casino game based on this spin off would have a mass appeal among fans of the franchise in general.

A new spin off was recently created by Netflix. Star Trek Discovery is set before the events of the original series and features updated special effects. It is somewhat similar to Star Trek Enterprise in that they are both prequels. However, Discovery would be more successful as a gambling game. It would appeal more to a younger audience due to the fact it is fairly new and the show itself is focused on those between 18 – 30 years old.