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Italian Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

italian traditions

To make your nozze (wedding in Italian) in Italy truly authentic, there are a number of wedding traditions and superstitions that add to the charm of your celebrations.

Here are some of them:

Choosing the day

Italian superstitions state that Friday should be avoided as it is the day evil spirits were created. Tuesday, Martedi in Italian, derives from the word "Marte" referring to the God of War. According to Italian superstitions, couples who marry on Tuesday risk a long life of fighting. The best day is Sunday, thought to be the luckiest day to marry and signifies fertility and prosperity.


Italian Wedding Gift Etiquette

gift etiquette

Italian weddings are rich in symbolism and tradition. An Italian wedding reception will be lavish with great care taken to ensure that all in attendance enjoy themselves and the day is memorable. You will be a part of a huge gathering with 350 guests on average, though it can be several hundred more. Weddings in Italy are focused around family, with cousins, parents siblings and great uncles and aunts all invited.

Whether you are a foreigner throwing an Italian wedding party or you are attending an Italian wedding of someone you know, we can help you select the best wedding gifts to avoid any embarrassment.

A rose for eternity

Finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. Sure, you could pluck something off of the registry, but if you want to give something unique, roses are great choice. Not any roses, but precious-metal and glazed roses that last for eternity. Each and evry Eternity Rose is made from natural rose. The rose type is a species carefully selected for quality and form. Red rose was considered to be the national flower of Italy, before the Lily. Roses in their different hues are thought to be perfect for a gift. This gift will show them how special they are for you.


Celebrity Weddings in Italy

church in italy

Italy is a popular location for celebrity weddings. Italy offers amazing scenery, romantic history, delicious cuisine and a vast array of fine wine making it a perfection backdrop for a lavish wedding. Since the word romantic comes from the word meaning “from Rome”, it’s no surprise Italy is such a popular wedding destination.

Here are some celebrity couples who celebrated their wedding in Italy:

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Grammy award winning singer John Legend married celebrity model Chrissy Teigen in an intimate wedding at Villa Pizzo in Lake Como in September 2013, the place where they first fell in love. The couple were joined by a long list of A-list celebrity friends. The glamorous wedding saw the model wear not one, but three stunning Vera Wang dresses, buying a new one each time she went in for a fitting.