Italian Wedding - Tips on Picking a Wedding Venue


Planning your wedding in Italy has to be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it’s not always easy.

Here we have some tips on picking a wedding venue that will fit all you wish for on your big day.

Picking a venue in Italy can be difficult as there are so many options. Villas and castles sound idyllic, until you realize just how many they are to choose from. Yet these venues are booked up rapidly in the wedding season.

In Italy the wedding season is from May to September, but venues are open year round. If you don’t want to wait, it can be easier to find a date at your chosen venue off season. A November wedding is particularly popular for US citizens as the Thanksgiving holiday gives people vacation time to be able to attend.

Tips on picking a venue

Before you start looking for a venue, you need a general idea of the number of guests attending so that you can filter out venues that are too big or too small. You also want to make sure there is room for everything you want to do since not every wedding venue includes after-dinner dancing. This information is easy to find online.

With so much to think about, here are our top 10 tips on picking the perfect venue:

1. Weather is unpredictable in Italy and it can rain any time during the spring and summer. Consider a wedding venue that has indoor rooms to accommodate your party.

2. If you can, visit the venue the same time that your wedding will be held. Wedding venues always publish photographs from the best season.

3. Spring and summer weddings outside will give you more light during the day, but dusk can bring out mosquitoes if you are close to a lake or other water source. Most venues do not have air-conditioning and it can get very hot in summer.

4. Opt for a venue close to transport to make it easier for out-of-town guests to travel. Whilst a remote Tuscan village may be beautiful in summer, the countryside you travel through out of season may not be.

5. Arranging an off-season wedding allows more negotiating power on the price of your preferred venue, though it’s still wise to book a year in advance.

6. Italy has feasts, holidays and special events throughout the year. Before you book your venue, check for local events or festivals that might impact on the cost of hotels, access and availability of services.

7. In many historical centers of Italy, there is a noise ordinance after 11 pm, so playing music after midnight is not possible. A location just out of the center is a good compromise for those who want to dance through to the early hours.

8. Some venues include catering when you book the venue, but not all. Some venues offer big discounts if you book their catering, though you may be offered only limited menu choices.

9. You will be gathering a lot of information when searching for your wedding venue. Create an excel spreadsheet listing your budget, the proposed venues, the rental charge and catering charges for your buffer or seated dinner, so you can compare them easily after you have seen those on your short-list. List also what the meals involve, the number of staff available and how long they are available and how the room will be arranged.

10. Be realistic with your budget and remember to enjoy the best day of your life.